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Bella is taking over!

I’m going to take over my dad’s blog for as long as  i need to.-Bella


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Hello!!!! by BELLA

Call my dad a slacker. He is at work right now and I’m on the computer looking at the blogs and saw that my dad has nothing. So i’m doing it for him.

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Who sparkles???????( Mom said to put it on.)

I sparkle. Me yes me.-Bella

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2005 Hurricane Rita.

I was going through some pictures and found some additional pictures of the aftermath of Hurricane Rita.  These pictures were taken within a week of the storm.

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Who could these people be?

I have been going through our papers and found some old pictures.  It is good to see some of the old gang from Andrus.  Those picutres were taken back when I was driving.   I have to get back to my physical condition when I ran the 2003 Marathon.  That was the best I have felt for years.

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Go Miss California!!!!!

Mr. Perez Hilton isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.  He is very upset because Miss California was honest.  What a concept!  He asked a charged question and received an answer that should be given.  What happened to free speech?  What happened to allowing others their own view?  Isn’t he upset because he feels like others haven’t given gays their fair share?   Now he is willing to take that from anyone who opposes him?   Please, let’s get a grip.  It is because of the people like Mr. Hilton that we have a tendency of swinging to one side or the other instead of being fair and honest.  The true winner was Miss California and not Miss N Carolina.  Who really has the back bone?   Who has the guts when the chips are down?  This is the very reason that I don’t like the Miss USA pageant to begin with, but to attack Miss California as Mr. Perez has is not acceptable and shouldn’t be tolerated by any American that stands for liberty, honesty, or fairness.  If you remove the gay rights issue and simply go from the right of every citizen to speak their mind, this should shake everyone to their very foundation.  I could understand Mr. Perez’s outrage if she were to be mean spirited or hateful, but she wasn’t.  Indeed in the face of seeing her dreams being flushed down the toilet, thanks to Mr. Perez’s ill conceived question, she was honest yet sensitive to the fact that others don’t share her views. 

Here is on of the many post interviews:




In fact, Miss California would be the perfect Miss USA.  One of the basic principles that everyone should learn early in life is “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything!”  A perfect example is the mess that has been created in Washington.  The “Political Correct” course only leads down a path of indecision and corruption.  What we need is a group of people that will stand for something and if what they stand for isn’t what America wants, then find someone else.  But at least we will have a pathway that we can walk down instead of the desert that is before us today.






Sorry for the political rant.  Mr. Perez is the typical speak and think what you want as long as it is what I speak and think individual that we see filling today’s special interest landscape.  I have about the same tolerance for people like this as he does for Miss California!



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Time goes on!!!!

Fun times at the Zoo. 

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Having Fun….Road Trip

This last weekend we went to the coast to Newport, OR to the Aquarium. We saw a lot of Oregon that we haven’t been able to see. It has a lot of fields that have been cleared to plant crops.


Here are some video’s of the trip:


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Not too much today…..?????!!!!!!

We went to Portland today for the kids dentist appointments.  Not much happened today other than that.  We are still applying for jobs still and it has been real slow on that front.

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The YUCK is back but the kids are cute….

The clouds are returning so our great days are turning gray.  The cutes have  been cute so It may balance out.

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