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A busy Saturday

Today I had to go into work as the mill was being brought back up.  Last week we had a huge electrical outage due to a transformer that blew.  After work I came back and gathered up the children to go for a ride.  We were gone pretty much all afternoon.  Because of the rain it was more of a ride.  We didn’t get out of the vehicle but we did see some cool stuff.

Some time ago we went to Fort Stevens just outside of Hammond OR.  This fort was active during World War Two and was the only part of the mainland USA that was attacked.  Unfortunately, the sub commander didn’t know what he was doing so the Fort held it’s fire.  They didn’t want to give away their position.  The sub’s fire went over the fort and hit harmlessly.

This Fort Columbia is the sister for on the other side of the Columbia.  These two forts protected the mouth of the Columbia River since the 1800’s.  We are going to have to go back and see it when we can walk around.

We are still getting rain and the water is getting higher all over the place.  the Columbia is visually higher than I have ever seen it.  Hopefully the rain will take a break and so that the water can drain out to the Ocean.


January 11, 2009 - Posted by | Adventures

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  1. Ok, the picture going over the river….. NEVER!!!! Sorry, I’m the biggest whimp when it comes to stuff like that!!! By the way, you should take pictures of where they filmed the Twilight movie and post them… that would be cool!!! Thanks for showing us what it looks like there. Just like the movie!!!

    Comment by Hopie | January 10, 2009 | Reply

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