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One more day to go

There is one more day to go.  This time tomorrow I will be on somewhat of a vacation and enjoying some extra time with my family.

Black and White of a lamp
Black and White of a lamp

Holly asked me how to make the camera take black and white pictures with the camera.  I didn’t know so I started to play with it and figured it out.  Well, I figured it out and took this picture.  I guess after you get used to color it doesn’t take much to peak your interest with the black and whites.

Now are you ready to discuss e=mc^2?
Now are you ready to discuss e=mc^2?

Holly took this picture earlier today.  It was so cute I could hardly resist (ok so I didn’t even try but I did have to make it sound good).  So if anybody asks, this is Holly’s and I am giveing her 100% credit.  When I am off work, I will try to get more pictures of the whole family.  I must admit though, the wife will need to be a little more cooperative.  She about whooped on me tonight when I tried to take her picture.  She keep saying something about “bed” and “going to” and “something about hurting”.  Can’t quit figure that one out.

I guess I will one day.

January 15, 2009 - Posted by | Life

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  1. Grant, this isn’t your first rodeo… don’t make the new mommy mad. You’ll never get over it!!! Physically speaking!!!

    Comment by Hopie | January 16, 2009 | Reply

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