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First Day

New Beginnings.....

New Beginnings.....

New beginnings......

New beginnings......

I did some photo shop tonight and took the background off a picture of Ava.  She is cutie along with all of her brothers and sisters.


Today is the day that a new chapter begins in life.  There a many possibilities as to what can happen such as a new position, new home, schooling, or anything else that may come along.  Even though these situations are normally accompanied by a ton of fear and anguish I am surprisingly calm.  There is concern and sure I realize what can happen if we don’t get a new job in the short term (less than six months).  But what do we get at this point?  I get to spend time with my family, get to know them a little from the time that I neglected them while working, or thought myself too tired to do anything after work.  I get do this and get paid while doing it.  It is an absolute thrill to me that the children are reacting and acting allot better while I have been around.  Not saying they don’t with Mommy just that they don’t with me.  Today is the first day that Roman has run up to me and yelled daddy and gave me a big hug.  These new beginnings are kind of cool and I plan on enjoying it as much as possible.


This has also shown us allot of who our friends are.  Our family of course is great.  They have rallied around us and have been a great support.  Amazingly, as I typed that I thought of those who are really are not “family” but who have acted in such a way that while I was typing that I was thinking of them also.  Then there are those who I work with.  They have been great and supportive all the way.  Dan and Jeff are two of the three people who interviewed me when I hired on at Boise.  Jeff has since moved on to Gordon Trucking and Dan is the General Manager of trucking operations for Boise.  They have both been calling me with jobs they have found and even the process I needed to apply for them.  Then at the very end, this afternoon I was getting a purchase requisition together for Wallula and when I sent the information out to the group the shipping superintendent called me not realizing that today was my last day.  We talked and he was very supportive and we have had only limited contact as peers.  At this point I don’t have any worries, just allot of gratitude for the great family, friends, and associates in our lives.   Whether we want them to or not, things always work themselves out if we only work on them.


January 16, 2009 - Posted by | Life

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