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New Roads

The weather here has been crazy.  As you know we received some record snow.  Then right after that we received allot of rain in a short period of time to create flooding.   Now we are getting sunshine and wind.  Wind is not out of the norm, just combined with sunshine, it shouldn’t be happening. 

Today we decided to try out a new area.  Holly and the kids have never been south of Wilsonville, OR.  We went down to Salem and drove around a little.  We went downtown and stopped by WinCo to take care of the kids for a few minutes.  Ava was in need of some eat’n.  Roman tried his hand at trying to drive.  Then we tried to find the Capital Building.  We did find the area but we needed to get headed home.  Holly was starting to hurt.  We did get some neat video and pictures.


Temple view headed south on I 5

Roman tries to drive the car

Kinda view of the Temple headed north on I 5 – Kruse Way is the exit for the temple


January 17, 2009 - Posted by | Road Trip

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