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Going to the BIG mountain

Debris field on video

Water fall on video

We had to leave the house this last Saturday so we went up to Longview WA then over to Mt St Helens.  It was awesome to see the power of nature.  There is a bridge that is over 20 miles from the mountain and everything between it and the mountain was destroyed by the blast and that includes the heat from the blast.  You can see the Toutle River were debris mixed in with the melted snow came rushing down off the mountain.  So much debris made it to the Columbia River that shipping had to be halted for over a week while it was cleaned out.  When the river was reopened, the ships had to wait fro high tide and even then they only had 30 feet to work with.  The normal debth was 40 feet.  If too much water comes down that river today it still floods easy and can bring more silt down into the Columbia.

If any of you have seen my weight loss section, you would have noticed that I haven’t updated it for a while.  I may change it a bit because it is difficult to get that much information on a daily bases.  I am still working at the goal.


February 9, 2009 - Posted by | Road Trip

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