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Great Temple Video!

I was on the Church’s web site to get ready for my lesson for tomorrow and came across this.  It is a good three minute lesson on the Temple.


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Tomorrow is our Anniversary – Looking Back

We have been married 12 years. 

I am backing up some of our pictures and found some that are fun.


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Fun Fun Fun

We have had alot happen.  We had snow here again which should be a crime in and of itself.  Then Grandmother came and visited us.  It was very enjoyable except for the days that some of us were sick. 

Roman became a man and got a real short hair cut.  He thought the world had ended so we have alot of work to do.  He has also learned how to play the computer.  Just like all of the kids, he loves it.

The job thing is going real slow.  We have been applying like crazy but nothing happening.  We know that something will happen but it is hard to wait.  Holly is also tired of me hanging around so much….so wants me out of her hair!!

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